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Opened Questions

-Savii Problem- (1) under Bug Report
By NightJumper13
Will there be a android app for paint? (1) under Other
By Crude Gestures
Inactive Groups (2) under Request
By LaZerWoLF
'/help' Chat Command Clean-Up (3) under Other
By LaZerWoLF
Lots of bugs since the database migration (3) under Bug Report
By Thi500
Poll Editing [Revisited] (8) under New Feature
By LaZerWoLF
Notifications (3) under New Feature
By HefMan4
Newcomer Notification bar (3) under New Feature
By MidnightSkylight
Profile Page Preview! (5) under New Feature
By Rainbow51743

Closed Questions

Picture uploading? (Other)
By Crude Gestures
How to upload images? (Other)
By Gemini Guardian
Pictures are making me mad (Other)
By canoob
Pictures are making me mad. (Other)
By canoob
Libary help. (Request)
By canoob
Randomly getting unfriended? (Bug Report)
By EmeraldDragon13
My Alt From Years Ago!!! (Request)
By LaZerWoLF
We Need Pollmins. Now. (Request)
By LaZerWoLF
Bugs Since Migration (Bug Report)
By To4oo4
Recover an Old Account [HullBreach needed] (Request)
By MuzzleScrewedUp
fix url in 'browser sdk' (Bug Report)
By PopperMan99
Group Member Powers (New Feature)
By To4oo4
Friends Glitch (Bug Report)
By To4oo4
How Do I Get My Blogs To Be Able To Be Added As Chapters In Library Publish? (Other)
By To4oo4
Is anyone here anymore? (Other)
By Catmint
Name contest idea (Other)
How do you host a game show? (Other)
By ChocolatePotato
View DSiPaint Art in 3DSPaint Gallery? (New Feature)
By LaZerWoLF
Profile saving bug (Bug Report)
By ZenDaya5678
Tags like Twitter (New Feature)
By KylennR
Additions and Questions/Requests for HB: O (Other)
By dbramblet
'My Threads' Section (New Feature)
By LaZerWoLF
Quick Question About Groups (Other)
By tommievelez
Artwork Question (Other)
By dbramblet
Display a New Group Page in My Notifications (New Feature)
By ashcatchem64
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