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Opened Questions

X buttons broke (3) under Bug Report
By acidAPPLE
forgot pw to old account. (2) under Other
By AquaDigital
vlog with more options (1) under New Feature
By ryansan2
notifications/ friend activities (0) under Bug Report
By Rlad116
Group invites (1) under Request
By banjo2
T h a n k s (0) under Complaint
By Finrod
Can there be an option to disable smilie/emoji convert? (3) under New Feature
By Hazel3
Admin Art Page (3) under Other
By oswaldo123

Closed Questions

it dose not show my poll in my poll section (1) under Bug Report
By dsi gamer
help plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) (3) under Other
Upload photos (4) under Complaint
By 9HS380
forgot my username to first acount i know the password (2) under Other
By potatochips123321.5
Perma-banned page (4) under New Feature
By Divine Crusader
what we need in dsi paint (1) under New Feature
By dsi gamer
i cant change my username (2) under Bug Report
By dsi gamer
Update Profile machine also broke (3) under Bug Report
By Star Shadow
Chatmod Commands and Terminator Page machines broke (sort of) (6) under Bug Report
By Star Shadow
vvvThe Question Belowvvvv (0) under Bug Report
By cdog3789
Chatroom Ninja? (1) under Other
By AmericanHero999
Font color. (1) under Complaint
By AmericanHero999
Can we have an Event? (3) under Request
By cdog3789
Game badges. (2) under Request
By AmericanHero999
add a button to change text color or turn text into link or how is it done (2) under New Feature
By ryansan2
Question for Hull (3) under Request
By Sun+Moon
Savii points (1) under Request
By Sun+Moon
Image uploading (1) under Request
By Sun+Moon
color codes (0) under Request
By Sun+Moon
CSS codes// BBCodes (1) under Request
By Sun+Moon
why can't i upload jpg images? (1) under Request
By Sun+Moon
Can't talk in chats (0) under Bug Report
By cdog3789
images in bio (1) under Request
By Sun+Moon
i can't paint on my 3ds-- help! (0) under Request
By Sun+Moon
Friends List (Multiple Status For One User) (0) under Bug Report
By Nearan-Nadorian
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