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Recent Member Polls

Can you solve a meme?
  By TheLegend27
Have you finished a rubiks cube?
  By Tomthesk8r
Are you an Overlord on overlorDS?
  By Tomthesk8r
What time is it?
  By jsa005
Which if these two very similar Sci-fi villains would win?
  By Yami Bakura
o, woukd you looonk at the time

it is curremtly,,,

  By RedFlarezz
Should the US have just stayed with the naive americans?
  By RyuHoshi781
Should the US have stayed apart of Great Britain?
  By Thi500
Should the United Kingdom have remained a member of the European Union or left the European Union?
  By jsa005
You think living is dead?
  By FiNrOd
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