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“Daddy, you let the other children go see her! Why can't I go?”

By Nuggie


This is lummuu the neko, she speaks with spirits and demons. she tries to prevent the awful future but has little power due to her old age.

By royal-rawr

not me

this is not what i look like

By lookasss21


"i ALWAYS come back"
eyy look its our good old murderer buddy whos obsessed with purple, toast and coffee!
*man behind the slaughter starts playing*

By Nuggie


13 yrs old
dogs and horses
fnaf(afton fam) and 7 deadly sins
rap music (juice wrld, xxxtentacion etc...)
gacha life

By Nuggie


Warewolf girl

By mckemitc22


Quite a charming fella eh? I introduce you to a portrayal of me myself

By cyanide47

[Someone specific]

Unfortunately, this is the closest I could get to creating him

By banjo2


miri loves to dance and sing and make new friends:)

By maryam123


Dont be bad or you will be dis.

By CrazyApples
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