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Born in:Brandon, Manitoba, Canada
Plays hockey and enjoys playing sports (duh) His favourite Hockey player in the NHL plays on the Winnipeg Jets, he is a Right Wing and is on the first line and comes from Finland, Tterraii And his name is (JHON CENA jk) Patrik Laine!

By Tomthesk8r



By christoph

i dont even know

like i said idek

By christoph

Meme Man!

Memes. Memes everywere!

By canoob



By Tomthesk8r

White male

Just you average white male

By TheLegend27

Kitty the hacker


By TheLegend27

Real life canoob

This is how I really look like! :)

By Tomthesk8r

Nazi spy

Sieg heil

By Tomthesk8r


likes to be red

By Tomthesk8r
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