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waluigi for smash, my dudes

By banjo2

RedflarezZ (Homecoming)

This is the RedflarezZ Savii that I made

I gave her a spiderman homecoming crown because e

Pls no hate for it being inaccurate

By banjo2


My friend, Melanie. Nice person tbh

By banjo2

actually help

Be glad I didn't do something much worse

By banjo2

Me aaaaa

I tried but the creator system is horrible. Skin tone may be wrong.

By banjo2

Berry B. Benson (first attempt)

Berry B. Benson is a fictional character from the popular animated movie "Bee Movie". He is much mlg. (this would be better if i had savii bucks :p)

By banjo2

Chatroom Lurker

When this guy is around you may not want to be! He may send what you say to the admins - or worse!

By banjo2


No one knows where he came from or who he is!

By banjo2
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