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By Gamer44

An indescribable blob of utter darkness

It's making me bliiiiiiiiiiind. I CAN'T SEE IT.


The Vampriss

She may not sparkle, but she will kill you all the same.

By plainoldme1


polar oppasite of claire

By Lemon drops



By Panzer123


sing: ily....u love me....XD

By EmOcArEbEaRx3

Evil Link

Its Link evil clone.

By Smashbro1


She likes to blar...?

By Pikachufan


The hunk for all girls...this Savii loves to skateboard,tell poetry,draw,ang hang with buds any any girl he may run into on the way.

By Starsearcher

Queen of Seduction

The Queen of Seduction, in reality she is a evil monster that inhabits and haunts a castle ravaged by a war...

She is 302 years old...and she absorbs living people's life...like vampires, but without a bite...the Queen of Seduction absorbs people's soul...with a evil ...kiss...

When the castle has no visitors, she sleeps...while waiting for victims...amd while she sleeps...she gets in people's dream...she absorbs alittle of people's living energy by causing nightmares...she can live 1000 years without absorbing souls, that way...

If you dream with her...you should never..ever...look at the red pendant on her head...because thats where the last look of each person she aborbed ...lies...Horror looks, screams...paralizes you..instantly...making you a easy prey.

By GleeoK
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