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ME OFT0 (mike)

its kinda look like mehhh! but....noob: EPIC FAIL! oh ty noob :]'pets on noob's head' XD

By EmOcArEbEaRx3

Prinsess Siluriam

She is a prinsess. Age:21

Gender: girl

She mite look proper, sweet and harmless, but beware for she knows many skills and hase been trained by CHUCKNORISS! (LOL) She loves shopping and sports. She is single and hase finneshed coledge!

By Ch14234


im Sarah hear me rawr

By ilovesadEMO

George Washington

Fear me, Red Coats!

By HullBreach


Born in japan in 1996. Her parents and brother were killed in a house fire. left as a orphan, she was sent to america. there she grew up with the haunting memory of her family.

By Searra

Pierre the Middle-Age Balding Guy

The name explains this Savii.

By Smashbro1


Nosey roseies -_-

By Melanie45

Bill Cosby

Well hello there Dr. Huxstable!

By MysticalZoey


This looks like me except the hair.

By Gamer44


I am at my final showdown, with Ganon he refused to give up I don't know what to do next. ZELDA GIVE ME THE POWER, now the time -mash A- urrrrragh.

By TwistedN
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