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roxaschao (286)
In What game would you like?
04 Aug 2013 05:59
-A Call of Duty game that actually tries rather than copypasting MW1's engine.
-Cave Story 2
-An open world Mega Man game. (Legends doesn't count. It was more like steampunk Zelda on crack than an actual Mega Man game.)
roxaschao (286)
In What is the most disappointing game?
04 Aug 2013 05:51
Sonic Before the Sequel Aftermath.
Not because it's bad, but because it lasted all of twenty minutes.
roxaschao (286)
In Glass In Minecraft
04 Aug 2013 05:48
Here's how you get glass in Minecraft.
First you search "Basic Minecraft know-how that any Minecrafter who's played the game for longer than five minutes should already know..."
roxaschao (286)
In Sonic Lost World, any opinions?
04 Aug 2013 05:41
I like the idea of the 3DS getting a version that doesn't suck.
Beyond that, don't care.
roxaschao (286)
In Whats with people and their infatuation with minecraft?
13 Feb 2013 23:29
The distinguished Darmani Link spake:
I love watching everyone defend their beloved minecrap.

You know what? I think I speak for all of us when I say, 'Until you actually EXPLAIN what's so wrong with it that you're incapable of just dealing with it, you are being labelled as a blatant troll.'
Besides the fact that you very clearly said you've never played it, you refuse to explain yourself.
roxaschao (286)
In Most glichy game.
10 Feb 2013 08:00
Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing

-There's no collision detection whatsoever.
-It's impossible to leave the floor.
-There's no laws of gravity; You can drive up a 90 degree angle with no change in speed.
-Other racers don't have AI and will never move.
-One of the levels won't even load.
-If, by some black magic, you lose, the game crashes because they didn't even program failure

This is easily the worst game in existance.
roxaschao (286)
In Petit Computer QR Exchange
10 Feb 2013 07:07
I'm still trying to figure it out.
All I have is an extremely basic hack of GAME4.
roxaschao (286)
In Most Anticipated Future Wii U Titles?
05 Feb 2013 20:28
Meh. Just Pikmin 3 and the Wind Waker remake.
roxaschao (286)
In Minecraft
04 Feb 2013 01:17
The distinguished Darmani Link spake:
1.3 made it into crap.

roxaschao (286)
In [color=red]Xbox 720? 2014!?[/color]
04 Feb 2013 01:13
No preowned games?
No thanks!
roxaschao (286)
In The Ouya!!!
03 Feb 2013 22:04
Indie gaming: the console.
Enough said.
roxaschao (286)
In Are game rateings seriously needed?
03 Feb 2013 22:00
The distinguished NeroAction spake:
What's ESRB? o.o
All we have is the PEGI rating

It's like PEGI for America.
Anyway, yes.
Some games look cutsey and silly on the box, just to be violent and dirty in the actual game.
roxaschao (286)
In Worst game you ever bought
03 Feb 2013 21:57
I don't actually buy bad games most of the time.
All the really bad games I've played were owned by someone else.
So of what I've actually BOUGHT, Afterzoom.
roxaschao (286)
03 Feb 2013 08:03
I'd be fine with Shaymin's legend status if it weren't an event pokemon.
roxaschao (286)
In Cave Story thread.
03 Feb 2013 04:27
Ah, I love this game.
Favorite game, in fact. (Sans Minecraft.)
I speedran hell in under 4 minutes.
I feel like a man.
roxaschao (286)
In If you were to be 1 pokemon in the world,which one would you be??NO DITTO!
03 Feb 2013 04:04
Because it knows transform.
Just like ditto.
roxaschao (286)
In WoW or Minecraft?
03 Feb 2013 04:02
Mainly because that subscription fee crap can go die.
And painfully.
But also because sandbox block-building games just appeal to me more than MMORPG's.
roxaschao (286)
In In the next update for Minecraft, what would you put in the game?
03 Feb 2013 03:37
The distinguished superdudexz spake:
non-timed free version
(I don't want to pay for it)

Never gonna happen.

1. The Mod API
2. More interesting terrain generation. On that note, no extreme hills biomes. Code mountains as a possibility in any non-ocean biome.
3. Ore block slabs and stairs
4. Floating island biome
5. Optifine.
6. A way to force users to use a certain texture pack when access your server.
roxaschao (286)
In Whats with people and their infatuation with minecraft?
03 Feb 2013 03:26
The distinguished Darmani Link spake:
I never said i did play it. Im just wondering why the hell everybody is so infatuated with this game.

It. Sucks.

At this point, to enjoy the game, you have to only see the good in it.

When i look at a game, i look at the good and the bad.

I thought the new update would be good.
[i]It sucked.[/i]

More things i diddnt like than i did like.

I thought the new expansion would be horrible.
Its almost as good as wrath now that im playing it.


Dude. It's an opinion.
If you aren't gonna go anywhere besides 'it sucks and anyone who likes it is wrong' then why are you still talking? We heard you the first time.
roxaschao (286)
In Obscure Nintendo Franchises That Need Reboots
28 Jan 2013 03:12
If Rareware games count, Jet Force Gemini
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