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By urelito


Daleros was a yung girl when drafted into the steel of fighters program where they brain washed them into only fight for them who fight the best. now she in the last on from the original 5000 girls, will she servive the last test... or die within?

By Itzako


It's one of the biggest fans of minecraft and loves english. | C'est l'un des plus grand fans de minecraft et il aime l'anglais. | Es uno de los mas grandes fans de minecraft y le gusta el ingles.

By leo091109

$wag Queen

I am your queen. You will kneel before me and lick my feet until they're clean enough to eat off of.

By SwagQueen0728


It me

By Huwitto

Usagi Nijiko-chan

Yes accurate-ish Savii me, just as bunny bc why not

By Tora-Kokoro


A Savii

By Adam291009

rick astley

never gonna give you up, let you down, turn you around

By wasdwasd


retro collecter ps.they deleted my last one

By wasdwasd

cory champney

works night shift, loves baseball, has 2 kids and sleeps

By wasdwasd
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