TMJ Item Database

Brick Brick
Made from kiln-fired mud, bricks can be assembled with mortar to construct buildings.
Clay Pot Clay Pot
Made on a pottery wheel and fired in a kiln, pots can easily hold liquids for transport and trade.
Concrete Concrete
Poured as a liquid of sand and pebbles, concrete hardens into a solid cement useful in foundations of structures.
Copper Bar Copper Bar
This metal can be cold-hammered into useful items or alloyed with gold to lower the cost of jewelry.
Copper Ore Copper Ore
This soft, reddish metal can be cold-hammered into many useful goods.
Dirt Dirt
There is little value to this since anyone can obtain it by just looking downward and digging.
Flower Flower
These may hold medicinal or nutritional uses... or they can be poisonous.
Gallium Ore Gallium Ore
This metal is hard at cool temperatures but will melt when held in a hand. It can substitute silver on glass to construct mirrors.
Gemstones Gemstones
These can have widely varying values, depending on cut, clarity, color, size, and type. They can be worthless or priceless in both intrinsic and utilitarian aspects.
Glass Glass
Fired sand will form into a liquid that hardens into the brittle, transparent substance. Glass has many useful purposes from windows to mirrors. Its relative resistance to both corrosive and caustic substances makes it an excellent container for storage, as well.
Gold Bar Gold Bar
This soft, precious metal is commonly used in currency and jewelry due to its unique color and ability to resist corrosion.
Grass Grass
It helps prevent ground erosion and feeds many farm animals.
Iron Ingot Iron Ingot
This common metal is prone to oxidize into rust by has many useful purposes in construction.
Lodestone Lodestone
These naturally magnetic stones are useful at detecting some types of metals, while also verifying the value of precious metals.
Lumber Lumber
Several types of trees are useful on construction when cut into rectangular strips. The strengths vary by type of tree.
Mirror Mirror
This glass backed with silver or gallium makes a perfect reflection of light.
Pearls Pearls
These oyster gemstones have intrinsic value that depends on size and shape.
Rock Rock
This large chunk of stone can be used as a weapon or as decoration.
Sand Sand
These fine silicon particles can be made into glass at high temperatures.
Silver Bar Silver Bar
This precious metal is great for backing glass to make mirrors, and its softness permits manufacturing of coinage or jewelry.
Stone Stone
Stones are an ingredient in concrete, used in construction.
Stone Block Stone Block
Carved from a rock, these blocks can be used for construction.
Stucco Stucco
This sprayed-on concrete makes a protective exterior siding to walls.
Titanium Bar Titanium Bar
This metal has the weight of aluminum but nearly the strength of iron alloys.
Topsoil Topsoil
This nitrogen-rich dirt is great fuel for plant growth in agriculture.
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