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By lolguy123


This Savii belongs to BurNouT18 and is his very first one ever. This Savvi has a great personality and looks forward too anything

By BurNouT18

Awesomedog (me)

so.... yea .3. my first savii ever.

By awesomedog


Guess who's a pirate? ME!



When you hear that funky tune
Watch your neck at the full moon
For Blacula is not to feign
And his sharp fangs will pierce your vein

Boom chicka
Boom chicka
Boom chicka
Boom chicka

Bow wooooooow!

By GleeoK


Victor is Gleeok in real life, and Gleeok is Victor in virtual life.
At games (MMORPGS), Gleeok or Victor are usually know as 'Gleerok'

At real life, Victor is a 15 year old Brazilian boy, he is pretty smart but sometimes lazy as hell, he doesn't like sports, but likes to study, Geography, English, History, Portuguese/Literature.
When he is in the mood he writes alot of reflexive texts, as Redaction homework.

Usually, Victor wear glasses at school, to watch TV, and to go out but doesn't wear them at home.

He likes Video games, and pretty much to go out with his friends, to the shooping, frequently, to watch 3D movies.

By GleeoK


Lolwth is that?

By TrargEnsly

Bird King

All hail king of the bird people.


By HullBreach


Silent most of the time, he's observent and fast. He is 17 years old and has no family.

By Emo-Prince

My Grandma

Isn't she a keeper? Mmm girl friend, she is cool beans on a hot side walk! *snap in a z formation* Oh, and she likes potatoes.

By MysticalZoey
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