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Welcome to the Savii Gallery. Click on any Savii to leave comments. You can view Saviis made by just one member by clicking through that person's profile.
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By SavantInamorata


Navi, shut up!

By HullBreach


Blar is your typical emo goth biker skater nerd jock breakdancing introverted exhibitionist gymnast idiot savant high school student just trying to make his way through to his PhD while working at the drive-up window at McDonald's. Don't worry, Blar, we've all been there at one point.

By HullBreach


Draxis is an alien scout sent to find a new food source for his species. He originally planned to harvest human bodies for his people but found Italian food to be much more appealing. He is currently the head chef at an Olive Garden.

By HullBreach
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